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We are passionate about whiskey.  We created WhiskeyRatings to be an inclusive community of whiskey-lovers where we can learn, share and enjoy our favorite beverages, together.  Here, you will find honest, unbiased ratings and reviews written by our team of enthusiasts and by a community of people just like you.  We aren’t whiskey elitists and we aren’t going to talk about the “subtle notes of a thinly sliced green apple that dance on your tongue”. We’re going to tell you how it is, good or bad, in a way that everyone can understand.  Please join us as we embark on this whiskey adventure!


We do our best to give you our honest take on each taste, but we want to hear your opinions too! You can submit your own reviews and add new whiskeys to the list.


We have a simple, but detailed rating system that ensures you have a great glass at all times.


Fair ratings start with consistent criteria. We believe all whiskey deserves a fair shake. This helps us do that.

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David is our primary technical advisor and committed to making WhiskeyRatings.com an amazing experience.

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Mike is an extremely experienced whiskey connoisseur and a dedicated writer on the subject.

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Ryan is one of our in-house whiskey experts. He’s tried over 400 different whiskey varieties and is eager to share his knowledge with the world.

Daniel Busse

CEO and founder of WhiskeyRatings.com, Daniel is a lover of whiskey and technology.