Woodford Reserve’s Distiller’s Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon is quite a mouthful… in so many ways. For starters, you can order it by its full name but the bartender knew what you wanted when you finished saying “Woodford.” And then there’s the rich, bold nose and smooth taste. It’s a standard that you really should try if you haven’t already.

The first time I ever tried Eagle Rare was at a coworker’s desk as we had the last couple of ounces of his bottle. It certainly wasn’t the place or time to do a full writeup but the taste stuck with me. I’m so glad I finally got to sit down and give it a full treatment.

The experience begins with the bottle which is tall and clear which means there is nothing to hide. You immediately see the rich maple and honey colors. Very traditional. Very inviting. Once poured, your nose fills with a sweet and relatively strong aromas of vanilla, caramel, clove, and almonds.